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  1. Jim Shore
  2. Continuous Design
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V21n1(Jan/Feb 2004)pp20-22
  5. Continuously take advantage of opportunities to improve code.
  6. Feature by feature: develop, test, refactor -> design.
  7. Three hard (cross cutting) problems: security, transaction processing, Internationalization.
  8. Good code makes it easier to distribute a crosscutting concern.
  9. Criteria:=
  10. Security: pass around status objects and check them near the system boundaries.
  11. Transactions: easy because there was a Connection object that executed code black sent from other objects. A DRYer design.
  12. Internationalization: Input and out put was already (DRY) centralized. Better because a generic HTML framework was not in the way.
  13. .Net can force duplicated code. duplication leads to tedious work.
  14. Fixing a misconceived preconception can be more expensive than ding Just In Time.
  15. One size does not fit all: continuous design needs automated tests, team ownership of code, and commitment.

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