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  1. Mary Shaw (CMU)
  2. Continuing prospects for an Engineering Discipline of Software
  3. IEEE Software magazine V26n6(Nov/Dec 2009)pp64-67
  5. Review of [ShawM90] "Prospects for an Engineering Discipline of software"
  6. History of programming practices by decade originally 1960-1990 now extended to 2010.
  7. Three new trends: abstract architecture (1990+-5), Democratization on the Internet (2000+-5), Vanishing system boundaries.
  8. Notes conflict between high-ceremony (CMM) vs agile and open-source processes.
  9. Production and Craft ~~> Commercial, Commercial and Science ~~> Engineering.
  10. Need for documented for routine ways to solve precedented problems. Being satisfied by open documents on the web.
  11. More specialisms are emerging.

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