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  1. Ken Schwaber
  2. Against a Sea of Troubles: Scrum Software Development
  3. Cutter IT Journal V13n11(Nov 2000)pp34-39
  5. rugger
  6. the perfect storm.
  7. p35. "commonsense, simple practices, and paying attention yield tremendous benefits."
  8. scrum_meeting::="a daily 15.min meeting for sharing status and obstacles for management to remove".
  9. scrum_team::="cross functional 8..15 people focussed on building a product".
  10. scrum_sprint::="an iteration, about 30 calendar days, adding demonstrable functionallity".
  11. scrum_sprint is followed by a sprint review by developers and stake holders leading to a new sprint. A sprint review is not a scrum_meeting, some take all day
  12. Sprints allow progress through chaotic situations.
  13. Track the backlog of unfinished functionality.
  14. Remove cubicals and replace by team rooms.

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