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  1. Doug Rosenberg & Matt Stephens & Mark Collins-Cope
  2. Agile development with ICONIX process
  3. Apress 2005 ISBN 1-59059-464-9 QA76.76.D47R666
  4. =DEMO AGILE Object-Oriented Prefactor MODEL ROBUSTNESS UML ArcGIS
  5. Demonstrates using robustness models to disambiguate use cases and then design code.
  6. Prefactor::= Use models to design code that needs less refactoring.
  7. Includes demos of ICONIX used with Test-driven development(TDD) and Cooper's personas.
  8. Also see a series of articles [ RosenbergScott00 ] [ RosenbergScott01 ] [ RosenbergScott01b ] [ RosenbergScott01c ] [ RosenbergScott01d ] in Software Dev. Mag.

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