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  1. Donald J Reifer & Frank Maurer & Hakan Erdogmus
  2. Scaling Agile Methods
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V20n4(Jul/Aug 2003)pp12-14
  5. How can agile methods be used on large projects.
  6. 7 significant and unresolved issues
    1. Projects that have to mix trad and agile processes.
    2. What to do away from a one-site 20 person project.
    3. New practices?
    4. Legacy code and COTS software is not test-first!
    5. Handling product lines across enterprises.
    6. Dispersed teams.
    7. Customers writing acceptance tests is vital, but not realistic in large organizations.

  7. 7 conclusions
    1. It's going to happen
    2. Keep releases short and time-boxed: 1 week better than 1 month.
    3. Daily meetings of team leaders.
    4. Some up front investment will help.
    5. Federate your customers! Know who speaks/writes on particular issues.
    6. Wrap COTS in demos/unit tests.
    7. Expect less.

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