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  1. Don Millington & Jennifer Stapledon
  2. Developing a RAD Standard(DSDM)
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V12n5(Sep 1995)pp54-55
    1. DSDM::=Dynamic Systems Development Method.

      60 organisations including commerce and academe.

      DSDM Consortium Secretariat, The Coach House, Church Hill, Kingsworth, Ashford, KENT TN23 3EG, UK.

      Key success factors: easy access to users, stable nd skilled development team, a commercial appliation with clearly defined user group and flexible requirements.


    2. business requirements>quality
    3. what not how
    4. motivate team to business goals
    5. integrate testing thru out
    6. base estimates and risks assessment on functions of end product not development actions
    7. Baseline high level requirements.

      Use time box scheduling: "Given this personnel-time, how much functionallity can be completed?"

      Three phases, each iterative

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