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  1. Robert C Martin
  2. Clean Code: A Handbook of agile software craftsmanship
  3. Pearson Education 2009 Boston MA ISBN 0-13-2350088-2 CR 0912-1114 and 1003-0222
  5. Demands study but tends to change the way you look at code.
  6. All examples are Java 6 but it changed my C++ standards.
  7. Stresses the iterative and evolutionary nature of code -- enhancement and refactoring as the constant change.
  8. 90% is well known advice dating back 30 years.
  9. Some of it is startling
    1. Comments should be reduced in favor of more better named functions and variables.
    2. Objects and data structures are different: Objects hide data and provide functions, but data structures give access to data and have no other function!
    3. Writing tests is a good way to learn an API and pays for itself by proving documentation.
    4. Refactoring an SQL class leads to a functional decomposition of classes into subclasses.
    5. "Inversion of Control" and "Dependency Injection" -- dependencies are created at run time.
    6. Use Domain Specific Languages at the systems level.

  10. Good list of smells and heuristics in Chapter 17.
  11. Notes and recommend an interesting property of Java 5 "enum"s -- can specify functions that return different values for each value in the enum. Better than "switch".

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