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  1. Mikael Lindvall & Dirk Muthig &Aldo Dagnino& Christina Wallin & Michael Stupperich & David Kiefer & John May & Tuomo Kahkonen
  2. Agile Software Development in large organizations
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V37n12(Dec 2004)pp26-3
  5. Reports on meetings where several pilot XP projects were discussed
  6. XP adopted in large organizations for the same business reasons as small ones: need to increase productivity without losing quality .
  7. Problems with specifications becoming obsolete before project finished.
  8. XP always needed customization.
  9. It produced good or better software more quickly.
  10. Changes were handled faster.
  11. Morale was better.
  12. But XP doesn't fit well with existing practices in large organizations and so has to be tailored.
  13. Make it look like a CMM process.
  14. Change control boards do not work well with refactoring, continuous integration, Problems when XP team is not in one place.
  15. Problems with interfaces between XP team and Traditional team.
  16. Architecture is important.
  17. Clash between up-front top-down planning and XP planning game.
  18. Requirements were already inaccurate when XP started and were not user stories.
  19. Continuous testing vs an added round of acceptance tests done by a different team.
  20. XP pairing vs formal reviews for SQA.
  21. Management and QC want the old documentation and XP doesn't do documentation.
  22. (dick)|-write a user story for each required piece of documentation and do the planning game on it. "That will take us 2 days work, ..."

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