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  1. Craig Larman & Victor R Basili
  2. Iterative and Incremental development: A Brief History
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V36n6(Jun 2003)pp47-56 + correspondence V36n8(Aug 2003)pp5-6 from Rita Creel
  4. =HISTORY AGILE METHODS IID evolution1950-2002 non-sequential processes
  5. IID::="iterative and Incremental Development" -- projects that avoided a single-pass sequential document-driven gated-step approach.
  6. Projects/People include 1950s:X-15, Mercury, Los Angeles MIS, IBM, Royce70 (!), Mills, IBM FSD, TRW, LAMPS, Gilb76, Trident, space shuttle, SDC, 1980s: weinberg, McCraken JacksonM, Swartout Balzer, Booch, Boehm Spiral, Brooks86, ParnasClements86, CCPDS-R, Cleanroom, DOD-Std-2167A(!), Gilb88, 1990s: Mil-Std-498 replaces 2167A, Scrum, Shashimi, RAD, DSDM, CAATS, RUP, XP, FDD, CHAOS, 2000: DoD 5000.2, Agile Alliance, ...
  7. Much evidence that IID works better.
  8. Creel corrects standards history.

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