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  1. Mike Gancarz
  2. The UNIX Philosophy
  3. Digital Press Newton MA 1995 151 pp. $19.95 ISBN 1-55558-123-4 BNB94-25895 QA76.76.063G365 CR9511-0943
    1. 1. Small is beautiful
    2. 2. Make each program do one thing well
    3. 3. Build a prototype as soon as possible
    4. 4. Choose portability over efficiency
    5. 5. Store numerical data in Flat ASCII files
    6. 6. Use software leverage to your advantage
    7. 7. Use Shell scripts to increase leverage and portabillity
    8. 8. Avoid Captive User Interfaes
    9. 9. Make every program a filter
    10. Plus ten lesser tenets

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