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  1. Richard E (Dick) Fairley & Mary Jane Wilshire
  2. Iterative Rework: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V38n9(Sep 2005)pp34-41 =ESSAY PROCESS STATISTICS QUALITY CONTROL CHARTS REWORK EVOLUTION ITERATION RE FACTORING REWORK AGILE ITERATIVE Too much (>20%) or too little rework(<10%) means something is wrong. So track % rework on a statistical control chart (Shewart 1920s) with upper and lower control levels. Trends, spikes, and random walks over the same limit trigger ro ot cause analysis and improvement.
  4. All types of rework can be good, bad, or ugly!
  5. Rework= Evolutionary_rework | Avoidable_rework.
  6. Evolutionary_rework::=response to changing world.
  7. Avoidable_rework::=Retrospective_rework | Corrective rework.
  8. Retrospective_rework::= work that could have been before.
  9. Corrective rework::= work the fixes defects in current or previous versions Distinctions are not very objective but good enough to suggest process improvements.

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