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  1. Tor Erlend Faegri & Geir Kjetil Hanssen
  2. Collaboration, Process Control, and Fragility in Evolutionary Product Development
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V24n3(May/Jun 2007)pp96-104
  5. Reports on a two-year process of introducing and adapting Tom Gilb's Evo (1981) Process.
  6. Evo has a strict weekly schedule, defines increments in terms of measurable stakeholder needs.
  7. It needs efficient tools to support the rapid weekly cycle of adding requirements and testing solutions.
  8. May need to add "Green weeks" where system is tested without new functions being added. May need to have some 2 week iterations.
  9. Evo depends on the presence of the stakeholders.
  10. Evo improves customer satisfaction.

  11. (dick)|-for a good comparison of Evo with other agile methods see [Larman04]

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