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  1. Gary Evans & Allen Vander Meulen & Donna L Davis & Scott Meyers & Name Withheld
  2. Curse of the Living Code: Five Bone Chilling Tales of IT
  3. Software Development Magazine V11n10(Oct 2003)pp29-31
  5. Agile development meets big design up front - of a database. Godzilla meets Bambi? Management may require agile development but force a complete set of requirements first!
  6. Programmer removes comments placed by colleague to preserve job security.
  7. User interface has 11 or more different ways to close a window.
  8. When a programmer chooses a bad user interface, the user and organization pays, not the programmer.
  9. There is no such thing as a one-off solutions.... "not only did it survive, it mutated into a two-headed beast".

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