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  1. Tore Dyba & Torgeir Dingspoyr
  2. What do we know about agile software development
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V26n5(Sep/Oct 2009)pp6-9 + Correspondence V26n6(Nov/Dec 2009)p8
  5. Agile processes can improve customer satisfaction, productivity and job satisfaction.
  6. They can be difficult to introduce into a large organization.
  7. Being the onsite customer is stressful and hard to sustain.
  8. A Team needs a strong focus on both the interpersonal and the team goals.
  9. Skill and experience helps.
  10. May not be the best approach for large projects.
  11. Need more research.
  12. (William Adams)|-fads, bullets, need to match situation to method/process.

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