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  1. Kieran Conboy & Brian Fitzgerald
  2. Method and Developer characteristics for agile method tailoring: a study of XP expert opinion
  3. ACM TOSEM Trans Software Eng & Methodology V20n1(Jan 2011)#2.1-30 [ 1767751.1767753 ]
  5. XP is a rigid process that is never completely adopted.
  6. Tailoring proceeds ad hoc and backwards -- adding practices as desired.
  7. Table II. Research needed to clarify when XP is good, what parts are dependent, develop a rationale for each practice, ...
  8. Table III. Advice to those about to adopt a process/method
    1. Formally analyze your situation, before the project starts, to see if the method fits.
    2. Involve all the stakeholders.
    3. What are the organizational limits on adopting the process?
    4. Train before you try it out. Accept/reject a practice after trying it.
    5. Include practical training before tailoring.

  9. RUP is not mentioned. But comes with tailoring instructions.

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