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  1. Kieran Conboy & Sharon Coyle & Xiaofeng Wang
  2. People over Process: key challenges in agile development
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V28n4(Jul/Aug 2011)pp48-57
  5. Good table defining agility.
  6. Transparency causes fear: provide alternative feedback, provide mentors, pairing.
  7. (dick)|-Also control big mouths!
  8. Every body must master all trades: pairing and rotation, allow self-assignment for learning, perhaps reintroduce specialist roles when it would help team.
  9. More social skills: training using own examples, add documentation to communication.
  10. Lack of business/domain knowledge: enterprise training+interactive niche training modules, hire tech+business skills.
  11. Need to adopt agile values and principles as well as practices: many get trained or go to conference, coaching and championing, cross-team observation, assess values not practice.
  12. Motivation: include motivated in each team, collect and share success stories.
  13. Devolved decision-making: sharing and learning, democratic voting, manager as facilitator.
  14. Need agile compliant performance evaluation: bredth not depth, 360 degree evaluation.
  15. Recruitment: special processes, team recruiting, put new graduates on agile projects to learn hands-on.

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