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  1. Barry Boehm & Richard Turner
  2. Using Risk to Balance Agile and Plan-Driven Methods
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V36n6(Jun 2003)pp57-66
  4. =ADVERT one-size situation risk process agile vs planned anchor mbase rup xp spiral modules
  5. Based on book by same authors... [BoehmTurner03b].
  6. Sidebar pp58-59: defines home grounds for agile and plan-based processes plus five critical factors: size, criticality, dynamism, personnel, and culture. Kiviat style polar chart.
  7. sidebar p60:misquotes Cockburn03. 3 levels of skill.
  8. figure 1 p60. idea: if situation does not fit either agile or planned then architect the project into agile and planned parts.
  9. p63: can focus testing on the high-risk parts.
  10. fig 4 p65: 3 kinds of risk: environmental, agile, plan-driven. ranges: minimal..showstopper.

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