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  1. Scott W Ambler
  2. Are Your Models Normal?
  3. Software Development Magazine, Agile Modelling Newsletter (Dec 2004)
  5. "record information as few times as possible, ideally only once."
  6. artifact:="any item created during a software development project including code, model, document, plan, etc".
  7. artifact_normalization::="placing information about systems in the best single artifact".
  8. Generate views. Cross reference, links, and inclusions.
  9. DITA::="Darwin Information Typing Architecture", XML based technical documentation, Parallel to single_sourced technical documentation, normalized data bases, and coherent modularization.
  10. (dick)|-"Are there cross cutting concerns? Compare with Aspect oriented programming".
  11. (dick)|- (meta-data): "Documentation is data about a system and should be treated as data".
  12. Compare with POLL [LethbridgeSingerForward03]

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