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  1. Mohammad Alshayeb & Wei Li
  2. An Empirical Validation of Object-Oriented Metrics in Two Different Iterative Software Processes
  3. IEEE Trans Software Engineering V29n11(Nov 2003)pp1043-1049
  4. =EMPIRICAL Object-Oriented METRICS AGILE XP client-server stories vs JDK 1.[0-4] EVOLUTION PROCESSES JAVA EDITS
  5. metrics={WMC, DIT, LCOM, NLM, CTA, CTM}.
  6. analyses short-cycle vs long-cycle.
  7. The metrics with multi-linear regression predict the amount of change (and effort) well in the later cycles of an XP process.
  8. Not so useful in the JDK long-cycle evolution.
  9. |-" prediction is impossible at the beginning of the " [XP] " process because there is very little substantive design structure in the system".
  10. Idea: critical mass of classes needed to define metrics that predict XP effort.

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