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  1. Pamela Zave
  2. Classification of Research Efforts in Requirements
  3. ACM Computer Surveys V29n4(Dec 1997)pp315-321
    1. first_dimension: problems_in (1:investigation+2:specification+3:evolution)

    2. investigation:(1.1:communication+1.2:generate strategies to meet vague goals+1.3:priorities and satisfactory ranges+1.4:allocation of requirements to resources+1.5:costs/risks/schedules+1.6: completeness
    3. specification:(2.1:multiple views and representations+2.2:evaluating alternatives+2.3:good_specifications(complete&consistent&unambiguous)+2.4:check specification vs requirements+2.5:fit to design and implementation)
    4. evolution:(3.1:reuse as system evolves+3.2:reuse in other systems+3.3:reconstructing requirements)

      second_dimension:contribution (A:State of the art | B:proposed process change | C:proposed product change | D:case study applying solution to example | E:Evaluation and comparison | F:Proposal for measurement changes)

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