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  1. Diomedis Spinellis
  2. Choosing and Using Open Source Components
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V28n3(May/Jun 2011)p96+95
  5. Like choosing a spouse!
  6. Factors
    1. Legal status and license vs your situation.
    2. Binary or source. Time to build binary from source? Portability.
    3. Quality: popularity, wise opinions, documentation, support
    4. Release history=heart beat. Is it alive? Does it allow a choice of stable and cutting edge versions?
    5. Project community = the family you are marrying into. One man show? Team work? Democracy or autocracy?
    6. How open to submissions? How to reintegrate?
    7. Style. Consistent? Commented? Names? Easy to use? Easy to adapt? Avoid complexity!
    8. How to reuse? All or some? Tweaks only! Use version control branches. Tracking new releases?

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