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  1. Ed Seidewitz
  2. What Models Mean
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V20n5(Sep/Oct 2003)pp26-32
  5. SUS:="System under study".
  6. Amodel is a set of statements about a SUS. It iscorrect if all the statements are true of the SUS.
  7. If a model acts as a specification of a SUS then the SUS is valid relative to the specification if all the statements are true.
  8. Aninterpretation is a mapping from model elements to the SUS. It come from a UML profile and/or local standards.
  9. If an interpretation is invertible the model is a representation of the SUS.
  10. A theory is a way to derive new true statements from a correct model.
  11. A model conforms to a theory if the theory only adds statements that are consistent with previous statements.
  12. If a model conforms to a theory and is interpreted by a SUS then the theory can derive new facts about the SUS.
  13. A modeling language expresses models for a class of SUS.
  14. A metamodel is a model that specifies a family of models for a given class of SUS.
  15. A reflexive metamodel describes a modelling language, using that modelling language.
  16. So meaning can mean interpretation or theory.

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