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  1. David Lorge Parnas
  2. Why Software Jewels are Rare
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V29N2(Feb 1996)pp57-60
    1. Jewels::=consistent, simple,kludge-free, organized.modifiable code chunks. Why so few?
      1. software rot, aging due to unforeseen changes Added features should: leave useful features, use what exists, and be ignorable
      2. we need compatibility with past and with other systems
      3. Performance goals and Hardware limitations
      4. Failing to stand on anothers shoulders. Time spent studying previous efforts can pay off.
      5. Unnecessary creativity - thru ignorance enthusiasm or egotism
      6. Making a language rather than doing a design. Languages are not panaceas.

      Making jewels: upfront design work: documented, reviewed, analyzed. Plus inspect implementation vs design.

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