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  1. Watts S Humphrey (SEI)
  2. Making Process Improvement Personal
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V12n5(Sep 1995)pp82-83
  4. =ADVERT for [Humphrey95a]
      One semester graduate level course.... Consistent improvements...

    1. PSP::abreviation=Persona;l Software Process.
    2. PSP::=( PSP0; O(PSP0.1; O(PSP1; O(PSP1.1; O(PSP2; O(PSP2.1; O(PSP3) )))) ).

    3. PSP0::=learn to make and value simple measurements
    4. PSP0.1::=estimating and measuring program size
    5. PSP1::=historical data->linear_regression->estimator
    6. PSP1.1::=estimating and scheduling+eaarned value+progress of work to date
    7. PSP2::= design and code reviews & checklists & Pareto analysis & other methods of SQA
    8. PSP2.1::=design completenes and correctness(trace tables, execution tables, proofs); selecting methods of design and review
    9. PSP3::=scaling up to industrial sized projects; team work; project level work.

      Lots of good (but not new) advice

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