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  1. Eric C R Hehner
  2. A Practical Theory of Programming
  3. Springer Verlag NY NY 1993 ISBN 0-387-9106-1 CR9405-0276 F.3.0
  4. =TEXT FORMAL DDD Review
    1. .Author F Aribaud Paris France
    2. undergraduate text on theory that a PL is sublanguage of a specification language,
    3. state and temporal variables,
    4. dynamic predicates like,
    5. Modus ponens becomes refinement,
    6. fuzzy presentation of wffs - quantification over infinite domains so risk of inconsistency,
    7. terse disussion of fixed points for recursion,
    8. lightened the maths too much,
    9. less formal and interesting

      recommended to instructors not beginners

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