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  1. Michael Grottke & Kishor S Trivedi
  2. Fighting Bugs: Remove, Retry, Replicate, and Rejuvenate
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V40n2(Feb 2007)pp107-109 + letter V40n5(May 2007)pp6-7
  5. Different types of bugs need different strategies.
  6. Bohrbugs: use testing to find and remove faults that consistently manifest bugs in well defined conditions.
  7. Mandelbugs: No replication.fault->internal error-> error propagation-> platform interactions -> chaotic behavior. So can often avoid bug by retrying the software. Can try replicated software in different platforms.
  8. Age-Related Bugs: Rejuvenate = restart. Same two type: Bohr and Mandel.
  9. In letter, Lawrence Stabile, criticizes the "Rejuvenate" tactic as not an "engineering solution".

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