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  1. Alistair Cockburn [ arc@acm.org ]
  2. Characterizing People as Non-Linear, First-Order Components in Software Development
  3. Humans & Technology, HAY Technical Report 1999.03(Oct 21 1999) and Proc SCI/ISAS2000 VI pp728-736 [SCI00]
  5. A commonly observed pattern by methodologists and tool smiths
    1. The people on the projects were not interested in learning our system.
    2. They were successfully able to ignore us, and were still delivering software, anyway.
    3. Almost any methodology can be made to work on some project.
    4. Any methodology can manage to fail on some project.
    5. Heavy processes can be successful.
    6. Light processes are more often successful, and more importantly, the people on those projects credit the success to the lightness of the methodology.
    7. people are
      1. are communicating beings, doing best face-to-face, in person, with real-time question and answer.
      2. have trouble acting consistently over time.
      3. are highly variable, varying from day to day and place to place.
      4. generally want to be good citizens, are good at looking around, taking initiative, and doing "whatever is needed"
      5. need both think time and communicating opportunities.
      6. work well from examples.
      7. prefer to fail conservatively than to risk succeeding differently
      8. prefer to invent than to research
      9. can only keep a small amount in their heads, and do make mistakes
      10. find it hard to change their habits.

    8. Individual personalities easily dominate a project.
    9. A person's personality profile strongly affects their ability to perform specific assignments.
    10. paper documentation is the least effective communication medium available.

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