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  1. Pamela Zave<pamela@research.att.com> & Michael A Jackson
  2. Conjunction as Composition
  3. ACM Trans on Softw Eng & Meth V2n4(Oct 1993)pp379..411 CR9408-0546
      Note Multi-paradigm specifications, more in Jackson95x

      Must have common semantics. So assume first order logic. Model types as one-place predicates. Kleene's notation..., Z , prolog,....

      Renaming to couple and instanciate specifications.

      Distinguish defined from undefined terms.

    1. ?? Problem with recursive predicate definitions Must form a DAG

      statements equivalent to

       		for all p:Projects, one m:EMPLOYEE(m leads p).
      member(x,y) := x ∈ y

      sequences modeled as totally order sets of events.

      Net{member::@event, preceeds::@(event,event)... initial, final,...}

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