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  1. Kenneth R Wood
  2. A practical approach to software engineering using Z and the refinement calculus [Notkin93] pp 79-88
    1. methodology, need for smooth path
    2. codified discrete mathematics of Z + data encapsulation of refinement calculus.
    3. NOT Refinement calculus developed within Z(a thesis+a techrport at PRG)
    4. NOT just Morgan's calculus [MorganC90]
    5. Specification statement: frame:[O(pre, )post] with x0,y0,...


    6. Formal path from design to implementation without new notations or unnecessary transformations.
    7. Language R^Z - Z schemata define types, specs define operations etc.

    8. Drop Z "Trappings" and use within refinement calculus

      Examples: a text editor, a diary

    9. p81: operation is robust if it defines a total relation.
    10. p82. Complex operation with elegant Z specs can lead to confusion. R^Z specs look more like programs but are at the same lvel of abstraction and rigor...."Softw engineers put off by more abstruse notations."
    11. PROC name ( L( (VALUE|RESULT|...) arg:type),";" ) \defeq spec.

    12. p83-4: Promotion. Operation defined at higher level can define a more refined operation in Z.
    13. p84-85: In R^Z Scema's are types so no schema inclusion. Instead more refined operations explicitly handle componets in subschema. Hence name duplication is ok...scoped ids in R^Z.

    14. p86(Conclusion) : Discusses problem of proof in engineering. States effect of proof is to improve the confidence of the engineer. States "need to find suitable notations which both appeal to practitioners and possess the expressive and calculational power required to specify and develop complex systems."

      Frame problems: [Borgidaetal95] , [BicarreguiRitchie95]

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