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  1. J M Spivey
  2. The Z Notation: A Reference Manual (online)
  3. Web 2001 [ samples/zrm.pdf ] [ zrm.pdf ]
  4. =handbook formal logic Z SPECIFICATION

  5. Earlier citations/versions [Spivey89] [Spivey92] Quote from web site
    1. [ index.html ]

      The Z Reference Manual has now been allowed to go out of print by the publisher, Prentice Hall, but they have kindly returned the copyright to me, so I can make the full text available here.

      Please note that I have not placed the copyright of this work in the public domain. Nevertheless, I freely grant permission to make copies of the whole work for any purpose except direct commercial gain. I retain all other rights, including but not limited to the right to make translations and derivative works, and the right to make extracts and copies of parts of the work. Fair quotation is permitted according to usual scholarly conventions.

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