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  1. John Rushby & Friedrich von Henke
  2. Formal Verification of Algorithms for Critical Systems
  3. ACM SIGSOFT'91 Conf on Software for Critical Systems: Software Eng Notes V16n5(Dec 1991)pp1-15, republished IEEE Trans SE-19n1(Jan 1993)pp13-23
  5. EHDM - the "implacable sceptic"
    1. need for a proof checker with library of reusable theories including both discrete and concrete mathematics - the "implacable sceptic" forcing you to express all assumptions, found errors in published work, typos in Z specification, corrected and simplified publishable proof of a complex real time algorithm, able to rapidly do 'what ifs', productive symbiosis, tools: editor, parser, typechecker, browesers, cross-referenceers,...typographical output, a sort of module structure for specifications, first order logic with a fragment of higher order logic (functions of functions), 19 axioms and 200 proofs

      ICA problem as a challenge

      Need reusable library of theories

      Need a type theory which distinguishes similar algebras like velocity vs length or real time vs clock time.

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