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  1. Girish Keshav Palshikar
  2. Applying Formal Specifications to Real-World Software Development
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V18n6(Nov/Dec 2001)pp89-97
    1. Define role of math in your process: purpose, scope, value,+ change management.+ validation + how used
    2. define steps
    3. split purpose, quality, interfaces, behavior, USECASES.
    4. focus math on right parts of application to
    5. choose notations and tools to match requirement type
    6. maintain abstraction: avoid design decisions and implementation detail
    7. avoid partial, over- and under-specification.
    8. modular specs with natural/good structure
    9. Select best representations from many candidates
    10. reuse metaphors and patterns
    11. be true to the spirit of the notation.
    12. Review and test specs. Note test cases.
    13. document and explain.
    14. effectively use tools
    15. state/prove/discuss/argue about/demonstrate all properties.

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