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  1. John A McDermid(Ed)
  2. The Theory and Practice of Refinement: Approaches to the Formal Development of Large-Scale Software Systems
  3. Butterworths London UK 1989 QA7676 D47T48 1989 ISBN 0-408-03981 BNB 89-22172 Dewy 005.1
      state of research into theory of Top-down methods, practice with formal refinement

      Refinement guided by non-functional issues: p4, 189,

      non-functional requirements by R Macdonald & C Sennett pp122-133

      Problems with editor for VDM (McDermid89 p207)

    1. p136 specification is a mixture of formal text and natural language text Chapter 6, Z specification is a set of states, an initial state and some relations on the set of states [McDermid89]


    2. Forward: two obstacles: modularization and refinement
    3. John A McDermid Intro pp1-12 Alan Dix & Michael Harrison pp12-26.p14 Design of editor determined by QT(screen vs line)
    4. Cliff B Jones pp79-89. History of refinement in VDL, VDM ...Operation decomposition(pre,post), ADTs, Reification (MAJackson)
    5. Steve King & Ib Holm Sorenson, pp90-121 Library: requirements,spec( abstract state, operations), design(states, invariants, operations, algorithm). proof oblgations. experienced designers "just know" how to implement a spec.
    6. Ruaridh Macdonald & Chris Sennett pp122-133. security (and safety) properties require special refinement. Some functions can be partly incorrect and extra properties have to be proved.
    7. Dave Neilson pp134..161. pp150 oo-refinement (finite approximation)
    8. John B Wordsworth Program construction sort pp179-190. formal requires guidance by human and is pushed by nonfunctional pressures.
    9. JCP Woodcock & B Dickinson pp191-217. Proof rules. Problems with editting(p207)

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