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  1. Daniel Jackson (mailto:daniel.jackson@cs.cmu.edu) & Craig A Damon(mailto: craig.damon@cs.cnu.edu)
  2. Elements of Style: Analyzing a Software Design Feature with a Counterexample Detector
  3. Proc 1996 Int Symposium on Software Testing & Analysis(ISSTA) & ACM SIGSOFT SENotes V21n3(May 1996)pp239-249 & IEEE Trans Soft Eng VSE-22n7(Jul 1996)pp484-495
  4. Jackson's home page [ http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dnj/ ]
      V&V Z Specifications formal Demo on style sheets for wordprocessor example. TOOL(Macintosh)Nitpick

      Checks properties by enumerating possibilitis(within bounds) and displaying first counterexample. Not animation so no constructive description of transitions but is completely automatic and can cover enormous numbers of cases by using reduction mechanisms

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