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  1. Ian Hayes (ed)
  2. Specification Case Studies(2nd Edition)
  3. Prentice Hall Englewood Cliffs NJ 1993 (Series in Comp Sci)
  4. ISBN0-13-8325444-8 BNB92-33735 QA76.6.S667 1993(csusb)
      Contributions from Carroll Morgan, Bernard Sufrin, Bill Flinn, Ib Holm Sorensen, Roger Gimson, Steve King Reprints: MorganSun84, Sufrin's ICL Data Dictionary(1984), Gimson&Morgan's Ease of Use paper

      Specifications for: symbol table, sorting, telephone networks, unix file system, hotel room booking, Data Dictionary, Flexitime, Authentication, Time services, Reservation services, CICS and TP

      Examples of: Promotion p24..., not recursive schema in p37, honesty p67, generallity and specification libraries p80, representational abstraction and procedural abstraction p147, raising questions early p190, encourages more precise use of English p208, exposes alternative readings p209, forgotten problems come up again p221

      Tools: GML and syntax checker, type checker

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