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  1. Patricia Hasson & Stephen Cooper
  2. A Case Study Involving the Use of Z to Aid Requirements Specification in the Software Engineering Course
  3. IEEE 17th conference on software engineering education and training CSEET'04 (2004)pp84-94 CR 0606-0664 CR 0607-0768 (In the IEEE Digital library at [ CSEE.2004.1276515 ] )
  5. When students take previous projects, done by others, and express the specs in Z the discover errors.
  6. Graphics and user interface details are not part of Z, tell students to omit them.
  7. Need to add to the library of fundamental data types - decimals & text.
  8. Students need LPC first.
  9. (dick)|-Online copy has a non-Z font. Many symbols changed from Z Reference Manual. [Spivey01]
  10. (dick)|-Z is the wrong language to express data formats: BNF, COBOL PICTURES, Finite state machines, etc should be used instead.

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