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  1. Rachel Harrison & Colin Snook
  2. Practitioners Views on the Use of Formal Methods: An Industrial Survey by Structured Interview
  3. Information & Software Technology 43(4) : 275-283 (2001) [ rharrison.pdf ]
  4. =POLL EMPIRICAL UML Z B VDM CSP CCS in Marconi Prasix IBM Phillips
  5. Using these methods typically needs trained customers. Most customers accept that software is error prone.
  6. "Some customers do not want to be tied down to what they require,"[so that they don't]"take responsibility for the systems validity".
  7. IBM and Praxis claim evidence of higher quality (eg fewer post-delivery failures).
  8. Praxis notes you get more efficient code that does less!
  9. No change in (traditional) life cycle but specification takes longer (and is most difficult) but reduces later effort.
  10. size of system is not a problem. Understandability of the notation was not a problem. Finding useful abstractions is a problem.
  11. Need style as well as formal notation. comments help. Making implicit changes explicit helps.

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