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  1. Jules Desharnais & Marc frappier & Ridha Khedri & Ali Mili
  2. Integration of Sequential Scenarios
  3. IEEE Trans SE V24n9(Sep 1998)pp695-678 CR9906-0431
  4. =THEORY RELATIONS Z SCENARIOS If pre(R)&pre(Q)=pre(R&Q) then demonic_meet(R,Q) ::= R&Q | Q~(pre(R)><post(Q)) | R~(pre(Q)><post(R)).
  5. Scenario as a digraph labelled by two kinds of relations: those describing environment actions and those defining system actions.
  6. Integration defined by union of environment actions and demonic meet of system actions.
  7. "the simple fact of formalizing a specification or a scenario is a step towards a better understanding of the system under consideration"

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