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  1. Neville Dean & Michael G Hinchey
  2. Introducing Formal Methods Through Role-playing
  3. Papers of the 26th SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer science Education: ACM SIGCSE Bulletin V27n1(Mar 1995)pp302-36
      Note [ http://www.anglia.ac.uk/~cdean/ ] deescribes Z "there is no suitable text which prepares in the way that they need."..."it has been necessary to write a new book"[Dean96] Tendency of studentss to use clever formal techniques to give formal statements of ambiguous and incomplete requirements.

      [students think] "the purpose of the exercise is to write a 'program' to include as many of the esoteric aspects of the notation that they can squeeze in"

      student are angry working with simulation of real requirements(!)

      force students to re-express clever (but wrong) Z specs in english until ambiguities show up.

      Instructor must act the part of customer: dismissing formal specs, and forcing students to include English explanations.

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