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  1. Stephen M Blackburn & Kathryn S McKinley & Robin Garner & Chris Hoffman & Asjad M Khan & Rotem Bentzur & Amer Diwan & Daniel Feinberg & Daniel Frampton & Samuel Z Guyer & Martin Hirzel & Antony Hosking & Han Lee & J Eliot & B Moss & Aashish Phansalkar & Darko Stefanovic & Thoms VanDrunen & Daniel von Dineklage & Ben Wiedemann
  2. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Evaluation methodology for the 21st century
  4. Commun ACM V51n8(Aug 2008)pp83-89 [ 1378704.1378723 ]
  5. Developing a useful benchmark is time consuming.
  6. Using them needs understanding of relevant workloads, good experimental design, and rigorous analysis.
  7. Benchmark research is underfunded.

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