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  1. Paul W Oman
  2. Good and bad news emerges from reliability engineering symposium (report on 4th International Symposium on software Reliability Engineering November 1993 Order #4010 CS Press)
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V27n1(Jan 1994)pp97-98
  4. =REPORT tools statistics quality Shuttle
      p97: models reqire more than descriptive statistics and correlations Poisson and Wiebull distributions "Everybody is shipping products with latent faults, because the effort to find and remove faults increases as the number of faults diminishes" - exponentially greater - Wiebull. "Early defect removal is still the key to cost-effective software development and maintenance"

      p99:SQA and metrics people are surviving while programmers (untrained software developers) are seemingly the prime targets for layoffs.

      Ted Keller Shuttle project [ cf Billingsetal94] 50% defects found by inspections using failure mode static analysis. Only one in-flight failure has been logged since 1985. Total number of failures logged in tests flights and simulations was 23 in 1987 version, 3 for current - including minor defets. rootcause failure analysis - 12..15 year database of fault data. operational profiles. level 5 maturity. Takes 2..3 years to climb one level. safety certification based on adherence to process. Known controlled and repeatable process leads to known quality.

      Alfred Aho "Even good software development practices result in approximately one defect per thousand lines of code". Problems 25 years old but better management, proces, technology, reusability. multifacetted view of software quality Richard DeMillo(QV) research pre-occupied with modeling existing defect data. Janne Druggan "structural-based test coverage, operational profiles, and criticallity analysis were all used as a matter of course during circuit design and test..."

      Formal Methods noticably absent. Lack of communication.

      John Gallager:"The formal specification Languages in use today are not useful to those implementing the software."

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