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  1. R G Mays
  2. Forging a silver bullet from the essence of software
  3. IBM Systems Jnl V33n1(1994)pp20-45 CR9509-0690
    1. |- (May94_1): content is conceptual
    2. (above)|-malleable & changeable
    3. |- (May94_2): Data, multiple subdomains
    4. (above)|-complex
    5. |- (May94_3): representations crystalize concept
    6. (May94_2, May94_3)|- (May94_4): anticipate all possibilities
    7. |- (May94_5): more conceptual than mathematical or graphical
    8. (above)|-not visualizable
    9. (May94_4, 5May94_)|- (May94_6): intense thinking
    10. (May94_4, May94_5, May94_6)|- (May94_7): verification in the mind, formal in representation
    11. (May94_3)|- (May94_8): programs are objects in the reaal world
    12. (above)|-have to change
    13. (above)|- (May94_9): software is an asset to be maintained & enhanced,
    14. (above)|-develop thru incremental enhancements,
    15. (above)|- (May94_10): first task of development is to re-enliven the conceptual construct in the developers thinking


      p33: support intellectual control: design reabstraction+formal verification

      p35-36:higher-order constructs: generic constructs& reuse+ doamin specific+ higherlevel languages

      p37: support development of concepts

    16. :program understanding tools: incremental development
    17. objects

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