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  1. William Mark & Sherman Tyler & James McGuire & Jon Schliossberg
  2. Commitment-Based Software Development
  3. IEEE Trans SE-V18n10(Oct 1992)pp870-885
      (1) Binary search is committed to using sorted data :. It requires either sorted data or a module to sort data.

      (2) Sending a message implies a module that accepts such a message. commitment as a kind of coupling

      cf Lamport, Meyer, dependency

      LOOM - Semantic net expressed in LISP fast at detrmining some subsumption

      p870:" A major problem for software developers is judging how a change in a module affects and is affected by the rest od the design[...] developers spend much of their time responding to changes" Not maintenance but fresh start so Fails to tackle problem of legacy code:

      p870: "With the current code-plus-comments descriptions of modules, commitments are implicit[...] in the heads of the developers (and later, to a much lesser extent, in design documents)."

      p883:"any reasonably expressive description representation language will not allow complete, tractable classification reasoning. So we are in the usual bind: the module description langugae must be expressive enough to encode the fine shades of meaning that can differentiate potential substitute modules from inappropriate candidates, but the system must be able to rapidly discover at least most of the candidates most of the time."

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