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  1. Neal Goldstein & Jeff Alger
  2. Developing Object-oriented Software for the Macintosh: Analysis Design & Programming
  3. Addison-Wesley Redwood City CA 1992
  4. QA76.8 M3 G643 ISBN 0-201-57065-3 BNB 91-29046 Dewey 005.265
      Positive Review: IEEE Software Magazine July 1993 page 117, $27. Defines Objectivism(pp58-59) and why it does not always work(pp100-104), cf BaclawskiIndurkhya94

      Reality + anthropomorphism + scenarios and Categories... gives a method. Defines Solution Based Modeling(SBM).

      Refers to Booch, Wirfs-Brock, Rumbaugh. and good cyber/philos stuff

      separate content from interface and environment

      Objects from: S, syntheisis, decompose, what if, generalize, follow responsibilities and collaboration

      Heisenberg Prototypes: deliberately jiggling the problem...

      Categories are conceptual, class are physical

      Ownership is defined as the right to create and destroy and object

      Multiple implementations

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