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  1. Martin S Feather & Axel van Lamsweerde(eds)
  2. Succeedings of the seventh International Workshop on Specifiction and Design(IWSSD7)
  3. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes V19n3(Jul 1994)pp18-20
      Keynote: Tom Maibaum "Taking More of the Soft out of Software Engineering" - Engineers usually make successful use of standard predefined models that hide teh mathematics. Requirements engineering, Colin Potts... Jackson<Jacksonma@attmail.att.com> and Zave. Jackson: system is a virtual device, translate user's domain model into evironmental events model. Elicitation for a new libray problem We deal with big, some would say, insoluable problems, such as the clarification of objectives...resolution of disagreements...validation. How to elicit or define requirements in the first place. Results: Set of notes, differeing perspectives, less than full agreement, "The experts did not descrine 'the' system that they wanted[...]but described many of the automation opportunities that were currently being provided"... many gaps and ambiguities. Real time systems: separating environment from system. "A front-end language, often graphical[...] is often used to produce an easy-to-understand specification of a real time system[...]automatically translated...more amenable to formal analysis Concurrency: "Start by identifying the events that concern the interface between a system and its environment"..."'If it is not taught to sophomores, can we expect it to be used?'" Formal Reasoning: "is becoming one of the key issues in many areas of software specification and design." Design Methods and Software Architectures: design fragments, 5 kinds of architecture: Conceptual, Module Interconnection, Code, Executiton, Hardware. "Modeling the relationships among the components is useful for understanding a method" [...] "The purpose of the process portion of design methods was to constrain human creativity."

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