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  1. Niclaus Wirth
  2. A Plea for Lean Software
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine V28n2(Feb 1985)pp64-68+letters V28n5(May 1995)pp6-7
  4. =EXPERIENCE Oberon case study
      decribes economic excuses for featuritis

      p66: "Remarkably enough, the abstract data type has reappeared 25 years after its invntion under the heading 'object oriented'". Extensible types: A is compatable with B::=

    1. Any B can do anything an A can
    2. There is no need to recompile A to get B
    3. ...
    4. terminology: type=class, variable=instance, procedure=method

      Loadable modules. Modules are collections of types that have executable procedures exported to the operating system (click on M.P!)....instant menus, hypertext...)

      p68: "It is also safe to say that the long-accepted rule of specification before implementation must be relaxed. Specifications can turn out to be as unsuitable as implementations can turn out to be wrong."

      "The most difficult design task is to find the most appropriate decomposition of the whole into a module hierarchy, minimizing function and code duplication." Programs should be written and polished until they acquire publication quality."

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