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  1. Norman Wilde & Ross Huitt
  2. Maintainance Support for Object-Oriented Programs
  3. IEEE Trans SE-V18n12(Dec 1992)pp1038-1044
  4. =EXPERIENCE OBJECT-ORIENETD Smalltalk Dependency/coupling parts
    1. p1039: Dependency occurs when a change to X means that Y may also be changed. 3 papers previously studied this in conventional languages. Chains of dependency
    2. p1040: Polymorphism and hierarchies leads to an explosion of in the kinds of dependencies.
    3. p1040: Statistics (4 systems) 50% of methods have less than 2 C++ statement or 4 Smalltalk lines.
    4. p1041: High level understanding. ( Assumes that there is no design documentation and the maintaner has to fill in the gap from the code.) Mentions problems of guessing where functionallity has been allocated. Mentions problem with drawing graphs.
      p1042: "Practical programmers have told us of naming confusions." "No totally automated solution would seem to be possible for keeping similar the semantics of similarly named methods. : (|-Need for design documentation.) Dependancy analysis uncovers "a different coder"

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