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  1. Xiping Song & Leon J Osterweil
  2. Experience with an Approach to Comparing Software Design Methodologies
  3. IEEE Trans SE-20n5(May 1994)pp364-384
  4. =SURVEY comparison methods CDM HFSP JSD BOOD REALITY
      p372: "We understand that Real_World_process (i.e., Entity_structure) is a well-defined JSD artifact, as opposed to Req_Spec, which is not well defined in BOOD"

      Error p374 "JSD and BOOD fail to define the actions that are used to specify State_Vector and State.

      Suggest JSD before BOOD

    1. HSFP::=Hierarchical and Functional Software Process.

      activity"("inputs"|" outputs")"=> List(actions) "Where" List( attribute "=" function parameters ).

    2. CDM::=??

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