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  1. Jawed Siddiqi
  2. Challenging Universal Truths of Requirements Engineering
  3. IEEE Software magazine v11n2(Mar 1994)pp18-19 [CR] 9412-0871
    1. History: (1960+>code; 1970+>design; 1980+>specification)
    2. Historical analysis and rejecting of functional dogma:
      1. Requirements describe the "what" of a system, not the "how".
      2. Requirements should be represented as abstractions.

    3. Is there a single object from which to get our abstractions? constructed reality need to focus on teams and groups of users - a social perspective
    4. Thorny problem: observe real-world settings vs formal and abstract
    5. Quotes Goguen: "the belief that the steps of a life cycle should be executed sequentially is a crude form of the myth that there more or less a unique best system to be built[... requirements are] emergent" Tech Report Oxford U 1992

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