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  1. Kenneth S Rubin & Adele Goldberg
  2. Object Behavior Analysis (OBA)
  3. Comm ACM V35n9(Sep 1992)pp49-62
  4. =DEMO Method Analysis Object-Oriented clerical User Scenarios

    [SharbleCohen93] [Wirfs-BrockWilkersonWiener90]

    1. scripts::=%@(initiator, action, participant, Service), scenarios

      1. Produces
      2. Scripts of proposed uses
      3. Glossaries
        1. Initiator/participator names
        2. Participants services(to be provided)
        3. Attributes relative to each participant
        4. State definitions

      4. Object models
        1. name,inherits, vers'n, attributes, services provided,...
        2. Hierarchical relationships
        3. Contractual relationships

      5. Dynamic models
        1. Life cycles of objects
        2. Sequencing of operations/event

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